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What is the cost? -  My exams are competitively priced with other examiners. Please feel free to call me to discuss your needs and the associated costs.         

How long does an exam take? - A professional exam will take one and a half to two hours, this is not something that needs to rushed.


I am nervous, is that normal? - Anxiety is to be expected from anyone taking a polygraph.  I have many years experience talking with people and explaining the entire process to help ease their anxiety.  If being nervous is what made someone fail the polygraph, then no one would ever pass.


How accurate is a polygraph? - Research indicates that a properly administered exam has a validity rate of 80% to 95% depending on the test format.  The format which I utilize has a researched validity rate between 92% and 98%.


What is inconclusive? - Inconclusive results occur when there are insufficient responses to determine truthfulness or deception, they do occur but not frequently.  If the results of your exam are inconclusive, I will conduct a second exam at a later date at no additional cost to you. 


What forms of payment are accepted? - Cash or credit cards. 


What is voice stress analysis? - There is much research that you may want to read.  Please reference the APA website link on the top of the page.  Most of the research indicates that CVSA's (Computerized Voice Stress Analysis) validity to be at or just above 50%.  Be very cautious of people who portray themselves as polygraph examiners and CVSA operators.


How to chose a polygraph examiner? - Choose a licensed and insured polygraph examiner.  Ask to see a copy of the examiner's license and APA accredited school diploma.  Ask questions; any professional examiner will want to answer your questions to ensure that you are making the right decision. 


What is quality control? - Quality control is when a second examiner periodically reviews another examiners results.  This review takes place after the exam occurs and the examiner has already rendered a decision as to the truthfulness of the examinee.  This is also referred to as peer review. 


Where will the exam take place? - Most exams will occur at 12700 Towne Park Way near I-265 and Shelbyville Rd, in eastern Jefferson County.  I am able to test in other locations which may cause an increase in the cost of the exam.


What type of equipment do you use? - I use Lafayette digital equipment which makes the use of the analog (suitcase) style nearly obsolete.  The new computerized instruments allow the examiner much more flexibility when conducting a polygraph exam. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have


Ed Price

12700 Towne Park Way

Louisville, KY 40243


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