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Ed Price

12700 Towne Park Way

Louisville, KY 40243




*Kentucky's First Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Examiner*



The goal of any polygraph is to verify whether or not someone is being truthful.  I have two main goals as a polygraph examiner.  My first goal is to conduct the most accurate polygraph exam possible; my second goal is to ensure that the truthful client has the best opportunity to pass the exam.


I treat every exam as the most important, because for you, it is the most important exam.

                       ***Please Read***

Validated polygraph techniques do not allow for examiners to give an opinion of deception indicated to individual questions although TV and media lead people to believe we can.

A person is truthful to all questions and passes the exam or they don't.  The examiner will not say someone passes or fails individual questions.


For example, someone may have broken into a house and murdered someone.  They may have larger physiological responses to, "Did you kill that person?" than "Did you go inside that house?"  They actually did both acts but only one of the questions elicited larger physiological reactions which causes an opinion of deception indicated. 

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